Runtime Verification 2012 (RV’12)

Third International Conference on Runtime Verification RV 2012, September 25 – September 28, 2012 Istanbul, Turkey

Transportation to the Kabataş Pier for Thursday’s dinner cruise


1) By taxi

The easiest place to find a taxi near the conference venue is at the cab stand opposite the Pera Palace and Marmara Pera hotels at the Pera Taxi stand, about a 3-5 minute walk from the conference venue through the passageway in the Odakule building across Istiklal Caddesi. They can be reached by phone at 243 54 98 or 243 54 99. You should also be able to find a taxi near your hotel or ask the hotel to call a taxi for you. The conference venue is on a pedestrian street, so you will not be able to hail a taxi directly from the conference venue. Ask the driver to take you to the Kabataş Pier, or Kabataş İskelesi (Kah-bah-tash Ee-skeh-leh-see). The fare should be approximately 15 TL each way.

Note on Taxis: Taxis in Istanbul are equipped with meters and operate on a standardized fare basis and meters must be kept in working order and be visible to the passenger. If your cab driver claims their meter does not work, refuses to operate their meter, or offers you a “better deal,” (particularly if the “deal” is in Euros or Dollars) you should find another cab. Fares are standardized at day and night rates, and do not vary otherwise regardless of the number of passengers or destination. Smoking in Istanbul taxis, by passengers or drivers, is illegal.


2) By metro from Taksim Square

Walk north (turn right out of the conference venue) on İstiklal Caddesi toward Taksim Square. Enter the metro station in Taksim Square, across from the Marmara Hotel. Enter the metro station and follow the signs for the Funicular entrance toward Kabataş. The funicular service travels only between Taksim and Kabataş stations. Board the funicular after purchasing a token, or jeton, for 3 TL. Exit the Kabataş station toward the Kabataş pier.


3) By metro and and funicular from Şişhane Metro

Walk south (turn left out of the conference venue) on İstiklal Caddesi toward the Tünel, or historic funicular, entrance. Walk about 500 m until you reach the Swedish Consulate, a large compound on the left side of the street. Turn left and the metro entrance will be immediately in front of you. You will need to buy two tokens, 3 TL each, one for the metro ride to Taksim station, and one for the funicular ride from Taksim to Kabataş. Trains from Şişhane metro station only travel to and from Taksim station. At Taksim station, follow the signs for the funicular, which only travels to and from Kabataş. You will need to leave the paid area and pay another fare/pass through another turnstile in order to board the funicular. When you arrive in Kabataş, exit the station toward the Kabataş pier.


4) By tünel (historic funicular) and tramway

Walk south (turn left out of the conference venue/go downhill) on İstiklal Caddesi about 550 m until you reach the end of the street. There will be a large iron statue, a cable car terminus, and a large building on the left marked “TÜNEL.” This building is the entrance to the historic funicular line. Purchase two tokens or jetons, as you will need separate tokens for the funicular and for the tramway. Board the funicular toward Karaköy (the funicular only travels to Karaköy and back). When you exit the funicular at Karaköy, exit the building and make an immediate left. You will see the streetcar stop in the middle of the street in front of you. Cross at the pedestrian signal or through the marked underpass and board a tramway in the Kabataş direction. Exit the streetcar and cross the street to the Kabataş pier.