Runtime Verification 2012 (RV’12)

Third International Conference on Runtime Verification RV 2012, September 25 – September 28, 2012 Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Hagia Sofia

About Istanbul

Turkey is a unique geography. It is a bridge connecting not only East and West, but also the past and the future. Istanbul, the country’s cultural capital, has been an attractive settlement for various civilizations since ancient times. Today the city is visited each year by millions of travelers who come to catch a glimpse of its ancient city walls, enchanted churches, palaces and mosques, while savoring the delightful tastes of the city’s rich cuisine. Istanbul offers an unforgettable experience with its colorful daily life and dynamic nightlife. It is also an attractive destination for international meetings with its world class accommodation and convention facilities. Istanbul, Dersaadet, Konstantiniye, Byzantion. The many names of this city are a reflection of its many faces. As the only city in the world situated on two continents – Asia and Europe – Istanbul has proved an attractive settlement for various civilizations since ancient times. Thanks to its rich history, colorful daily life and dynamic spirit, Istanbul continues to offer a once in a lifetime experience to its visitors. The largest city in modern Turkey, Istanbul’s cultural diversity, state of the art accommodation alternatives, unique blend of modern and traditional dining and entertainment options and stunningly rich history makes the 2010 European Capital of Culture an ideal destination for business organizations and leisure trips. — Istanbul Convention and Visitors Bureau (ICVB)

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